Letter to Sir. in charge of the Moroccan Advisory Council for Human Rights

The below letter is a translation of an original Arabic letter.

From: Mr S.A (ID: xxxx) and Mrs K.N (ID: xxxx)

neighborhood de M.A
T. Street

To: Sir. in charge of the Moroccan Advisory Council for Human Rights.

RE: Application for Amnesty for the life sentence of our son, Ahmed Aliwat (ID:xxxx), imprisoned in Sala.

Dear Sir,

Our son was recruited into the Royal Armed Forces in the region of Bir Kanduz under the supervision of the Commanding Officer of Group 52. This Commanding Officer ordered our son to work for him in personal matters, cleaning his residence, washing his clothes and cooking for him. Our son refused to do these things for he knew he was a soldier and stated that his job was to follow orders related to his work in the armed forces, defending his country. In response to our son’s refusal to do domestic work for his Commanding Officer, this Commanding Officer has fabricated a series of accusations of ‘treason’ against our son. He is our only son and we are people who answered the call of duty in 1991 from His Majesty King Hassan II, who we hope Allah blesses in His glory. At this time, we abandoned our home in the centre of Morocco (Kelaât Sraghnaa) and came to the Unity Camps in Boujdour, from where our tribe and our people originate. We left behind our posessions and put ourselves in danger following the call from his Majesty to move to the Sahara. Our family comes from the Tribe of Ansar Tadrrarin’ which historically sacrificed everything they had for the nation and for the Moroccan Sahara.
He is our only child and he helps us with everything we need. We have lost him due to the actions of his Commanding Officer who was only interested in his own benefits and failed to realise that his false accusations and injustice would mean that our family would lose everything, not just our son. His mother has diabetes and high blood pressure. For this reason we have not told her what has happened to our son, nor that he has been sentenced to life in prison.

Sir, we put our faith in Allah and in you that you may grant our son amnesty. He was injustly imprisoned as a consequence of grave accusations that were laid against him for the fact that he refused to serve the personal needs of his Commanding Officer.

Yours faithfully,

S.A and K.N
Parents (fathers) of Ahmed Aliouat

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